Sunday, April 15, 2012

Norton Scientific Scam | Friendfeed - Zimbio

/Redgage/ - Fwd: Norton Scientific Scam | Tumblr In this piece Roger Bate, Donald Roberts and Richard Tren accuse the UN of "Scientific Fraud against DDT". Their Accusation is based on an Opinion paper byRoberts and Tren published in Research and Reports in Tropical Medicine. So let's look at their paper and see where the "Scientific Fraud" is.

Norton Scientific Inc. (NSI) is a biotech company. The technology base and know-how involves the use of guided wave laser optics, microfluidics and robust data analysis software for the development of novel, low-cost, easy-to-use analytical separations systems for use in a variety of markets, including biopharmaceuticals, wound healing, food & beverage, bio-materials and environmental monitoring.

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