Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Simon Cowell to return to The X Factor to boost ratings


But before you panic that one of the four judges will be losing their seat, Simon won't be coming back in an official judging capacity. An X Factor insider told The Mirror: "

Simon's return is being looked at, certainly. Elements of that have already been filmed and he will definitely appear at the stage where the judges find out which contestants they will be looking after." "We hope there will be more."

 The insider added: "The only difficulty is with Simon being based in the US. The plan is for him to be a significant on-screen part of the show. He's a favourite with viewers." [Related Story: Tom Daley to join The X Factor?] X Factor Executive producer Richard Holloway was a bit more cagey about Mr Cowell's involvement when asked at the Edinburgh TV Festival.

 He said: "Ooh, that would be giving it away, wouldn't it? That's all I'm prepared to say- it's not a hologram." Holloway is adamant, however, that the low ratings are not something to be concerned about. He said: "Our audience for our first show was over double that of the nearest programme."

"We would have liked it to be bigger. However, it's still the number one show on ITV. Viewers are in for a treat over the next three months."
It was reported yesterday that Olympic diver Tom Daley has been drafted in to take part in the live shows later this series.

Tom Daley is reportedly joining the series during the live shows. [Copyright Rex]

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